Open .B3D file Extension

File Type : Blitz3D/Max/Plus Texture or Mesh File (Blitz Research Ltd.)

Compatible with: (Mac OSX 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12)

Searching for a program to open .B3D files?
The error "There is no application set to open the document." is a common problem faced by millions of Mac users daily. This happens either because the required app to open that file does not exist or there might be some malicious apps tempering your Mac


ExtensionSmallImg What is .B3D file?

3D model, or "entity," file used by Blitz3D, an application and simple programming language used to created 3D games; stores model information in "chunks;" may contain textures, brushes, vertices, triangles, meshes, bones, or animation data. B3D files are used for storing video game models for characters, terrain, buildings, and other objects.

Recommended Software Programs to open .B3D file

Apple Mac OS X:
  • Irrlicht
Microsoft Windows:
  • Blitz Research Blitz3D
  • Irrlicht
  • Ultimate Unwrap 3D with Blitz3D plug-in
  • Irrlicht