Open .PAC file Extension

File Type : LPAC Lossless Compressed Audio (Tilman Liebchen)

Compatible with: (Mac OSX 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12)

Searching for a program to open .PAC files?
The error "There is no application set to open the document." is a common problem faced by millions of Mac users daily. This happens either because the required app to open that file does not exist or there might be some malicious apps tempering your Mac


ExtensionSmallImg What is .PAC file?

Configuration file used by Web browsers to select an appropriate proxy server; contains a JavaScript function named FindProxyForURL that defines rules for choosing a proxy server based on a given URL; used for controlling and load-balancing Internet traffic, especially in corporate environments. PAC files are enabled in Web browsers by entering the PAC file URL in the proxy connection settings, or by using the Web Proxy Auto-Discovery (WPAD) protocol. When executed, a PAC file returns a string with one or more proxy server URLs. PAC files typically are hosted on a Web server and are named proxy.pac. NOTE: Since PAC files contain JavaScript code, they may be edited with a text editor.

Recommended Software Programs to open .PAC file

Microsoft Windows:
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Mozilla Firefox