Open .Z8 file Extension

File Type : Inform Game File

Compatible with: (Mac OSX 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12)

Searching for a program to open .Z8 files?
The error "There is no application set to open the document." is a common problem faced by millions of Mac users daily. This happens either because the required app to open that file does not exist or there might be some malicious apps tempering your Mac


ExtensionSmallImg What is .Z8 file?

File used by the Z-machine, a game engine developed by Infocom and used for running text adventure games (originally used for the game Zork); stores source code for the game; can be run by a Z-machine interpreter, several of which have been maintained by community members since the original Z-machine was discontinued. Z-code files use a programming language called the Zork Implementation Language. The file extensions use a numerical value for the version of the Z-machine that is used to run them. Since version 8 was the last Z-machine version, Z8 is the most popular of the extensions, although you may also see Z-code files with the .Z1, .Z2, .Z3, .Z4, .Z5, .Z6, and .Z7 extensions.

Recommended Software Programs to open .Z8 file

Apple Mac OS X:
  • Spatterlight
  • Zoom
Google Android:
  • Twisty
Microsoft Windows:
  • Windows Frotz
  • Zoom